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Immigrants are essential to American socioeconomic fabric. It is time to recognize and support workers who help us to better respond to the pandemic and the many needs of this moment.

13.2 million immigrants in the United States are essential workers, 5 million of whom are currently undocumented:

28.7% food processing workers are immigrant

27.6% agricultural workers are immigrant

24.8% pharmaceutical and medical workers are immigrant

16.5% of all healthcare workers are immigrants

Immigrant families have been heavily impacted by the loss of wages caused by Covid-19:

Many do not have access to paid time off

Most are ineligible to receive unemployment benefits

Many remain excluded from federal relief programs

Join our movement to affirm that our communities are essential – without exceptions! You can take action:

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We recognize the value that immigrant essential workers bring to our communities, and we demand the inclusion of immigration relief in the new Covid package.

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The socioeconomic effects of Covid-19 are fatal to low-income families and even more so to those whose marginalization exists in the intersection of immigration and poverty.

Juana Esperanza Chavez


Juana Esperanza Chavez is a TPS recipient from Honduras. For the past 18 years, she has worked at Fair Haven Rehabilitation Center. Juana is a cancer survivor and has been cancer-free for one year. Even though she is at-risk, she is still working through COVID-19. Juana needs to support her family.

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With the generous support of our community our #EssentialFund provided emergency assistance for 584 essential families in 2020, but the needs continue to grow. With your support, we can help 500 more! Donate Now.

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